September 18, 2020 — September 01, 2021


The first body of works of INCORPOREA includes
Kate Cooper
Hannah Levy
Ebecho Muslimova
Berenice Olmedo

INCORPOREA is a year-long choral exhibition set up as to develop and transform itself over time, and aimed at investigating the body in all its folds and meanings: the body as a revolutionary space, of antagonism and freedom, expression and research, self-definition and power, identity and gender.

Going across different generations and media, starting from new artistic expressions and going back towards the historical avant-gardes, INCORPOREA will investigate the practices that have uncovered, transformed and re-imagined the body and the speculations it has inspired.

Moving around the boundaries, meanings and shapes of the body, the exhibition intends to introduce a new corpus of works every month in a sort of endless movement, a constant flow of addition and subtraction, with the aim of exploring an urgent and significant theme, articulating the elements that define it beyond preconceived categories, in today’s ever-changing scenario.

September 18, 2020
6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

Thanks to the kind support of
Galerie Maria Bernheim, Zurich
Jan Kaps, Cologne

Please consider that the entrance is allowed only to four people at a time, every 15 mins.  All guests must wear face masks and use the hand sanitizer on entering the exhibition. Please, maintain the required social distance of one meter between each person.

All images:
Photo by Roberto Apa

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