February 21 — March 21, 2018


Bisca Vascellari, a solo show by Nico Vascellari at BASEMENT ROMA, will take over the exhibition space for five weeks altering its opening hours, function and nature.

The exhibition, dictated by a precise scheme and based on the execution of games conceived by the artist, can only welcome 33 guests per night, throughout 4+1 evenings, once a week, from February 21 to March 21.

Access, only allowed from 9 pm to 9,30 pm, is limited while stocks last and requires booking in advance. Entry fee includes access to the gambling house, a welcome dinner and a chip.

Enter a work by Nico Vascellari and book your date:

February 21

February 28

March 7

March 14

A final event open to the public will take place
on Wednesday, March 21

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

is a performing exhibition by Nico Vascellari
© Nico Vascellari

Portrait by Mattia Zoppellaro